Leaping Lotus Yoga Philosophy is based on Structural Yoga, a form of structural yoga created by Mukunda Stiles.

Yoga Therapeutics in a Group Class

Designed for people with a broad spectrum of needs; from healthy bodies, to those with movement restrictions, injuries, or health challenges. Lina's training includes anatomy, biomechanics of movement, breathwork, meditation and ayurvedic principles. This translates to a way of teaching that invites each body to find its own optimal way of moving and building strength, without the use of many props or hands-on corrections. This encourages self-awareness. In every class, each student will receive their own personalized pose adaptations that suit their physical body. All our group yoga classes are based on structural yoga. See descriptions and register for group classes here.


Private Yoga Therapy Session

A private yoga therapy session is very different from a group therapeutic yoga class. After the initial meeting, Lina will put together a personalized yoga therapy program to address  the client’s pain and discomfort brought on by body misalignment or injury. Personality, lifestyle and stress level always taken into consideration.

Leaping Lotus offers Private Sessions in the following:

Vinyasa, chair yoga, cardiac yoga, yoga for cancer, meditation, structural yoga therapy, ayurvedic yoga therapy, restorative yoga, pre-natal, yoga philosophy


Examples of conditions  that can improve with Structural Yoga Therapy:

Physical manifestations of stress


Back pain


Sports injuries



Neck pain

High blood pressure

Negative side effects of cancer

Joint injuries

Rejuvenating the nervous system

60-minute private session: $85. Use our Contact Form for more info and to schedule a session.