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In today's fast-paced workplace, stress is at an all-time high. Tight deadlines, long work days, high-tech environments, and ever-faster communications, are taking their toll.  The same advances that allow us to access the world from anywhere, at all times, are costing us our health.  The constant accessibility these technologies offer, rob us of the quiet moments that once balanced those busy days.  We are left with no time to just take a breath.


Insomnia, high blood pressure, anxiety, irritability, headaches, backaches, and an inability to focus, are common side-effects of unrelenting stress.  Job related absenteeism, employee turnover, repetitive strain injuries, diminish productivity.  Not to mention, Insurance claims cost US corporations billions of dollars each year.


With busy schedules and extended work hours/days, it can be difficult to find time to unwind.  This is why corporations are increasingly bringing in wellness programs to the work setting. Giving employees easy and convenient access to wellness and stress reduction programs, helps increase employee productivity, morale, and loyalty. Programs can take place over lunchtime, or after work.


Leaping Lotus Corporate Wellness Program:

The corporate wellness program is ready to serve the business community in many ways:

• Stress management seminars

• Full or half day programs at your location.  Programs can be structured to suit the needs of 


• Stretch and breathing workshop or class during the workday

• Team building programs, through partner yoga 

• Ongoing stretch and yoga classes at your corporate location, or at the studio

• Private lessons tailored to the needs of each individual

• Meditation classes and private sessions

• Simple ways to practice self-care

• Health and lifestyle coaching in groups or individual


We can work with you to incorporate these ideas in a way that best suits your organization.  For example, we can offer discounts to your employees that would like to attend studio classes.  In fact, we can set up a special class time just for employees. 


There are many ways that we can support each other. Eating well, mentally feeling well, and physically feeling well are vital for happiness, success and growth. 


Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.  We are here to serve the community.

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