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Virtual Pilates Mat Group Class

Pilates matwork is a dynamic way to create core strength. Core strength is not just abdominal work, it incorporates almost every muscle in the body to create  long, lean muscle, while working on strength and flexibility at the same time. This class is appropriate for all levels.

1 hr ~ Wednesdays ~ 9:30am



14 Lessons~How To Live An Inspired Life

Welcome to a LLWS exclusive virtual program. 

14-lessons designed to unlock the secrets of living an inspired life. Uncover practical strategies, personal growth techniques, and daily habits that will empower you to live with passion, purpose, and positivity. Transform your everyday into the extraordinary. Start your journey to inspiration today!

Coming In June!  Stay Tuned for details!


Virtual Mindful Movements Group Class

Everyone is capable of reaching their full potential regardless of their physical limitations.  Each class is designed to be safe and appropriate for everyone.   Breath, movement, strength, cardiovascular health,  flexibility, coordination, balance and mindfulness are all incorporated in the class format.

1 hr ~ Tuesdays ~ 7pm



Virtual India Group Yoga Class ~ Private Group

This class is for those who have participated in the India Retreat, and would like to stay connected, and continue learning. Through breath, movement and mindfulness, we  gain greater self-awareness and reach a state of physical, emotional and spiritual balance. Enjoy the balance!

1 hr ~ Wednesdays ~ 11am


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