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What is a Spiritual Mentor?

A spiritual Mentor can be interpreted in many different ways.  

I can only share my experiences being mentored, which has guided me towards being able to  mentor others in the same way.


What's the difference between a Mentor and a Coach?

From my perspective, mentoring is a deep, long lasting relationship, where as a coaching relationship, has more structure and often more goal-driven.  Although, there is some crossover between the two, a mentor shares their knowledge, skills and experiences, to help another develop and grow on a path.  A coach is a supportive partner that provides guidance to a client to help them make lifestyle changes, reach goals, and live to their fullest potential.

Being a spiritual mentor, is a sacred opportunity to share a soul connection with another person. 

Through my experience of vedic studies, Yoga Philosophy, and the studies of several sacred texts, we can develop a beautiful connection. 

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