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The journey begins again!! Gearing up for the next Yoga Teacher training program. The program is set to start on November 16th at 6:30pm, online. This year I'm trying out a new format. I'm offering the program in Modules. This will give everyone much more flexibility. Not everyone wants a full certification, but would like to participate in learning more about yoga. The option is available for full certification, or to join for a module that peeks your interest. All the details are provided in the link below.

I have been having zoom or phone calls with anyone interested in the program. To book a call, click on the link below. I'm here to support all of your questions.

I'm super excited to share this program! I have arranged for some guest speakers along the way. There's lots to look forward to!!!

If we are feeling pressed for time, we can adjust the start date. It may a little time for everyone to make space in their schedule. With the help of technology we can make things work! Let's talk about it!!

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