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Detox Topics ~ Self-Care Techniques To Help You Cleanse

Ok gang, here's some more detox info to!

Food is just one part of a detox. When we talk about elimination, we talk about using all the portals of elimination in the body. In my last post, we talked about eliminating through our urine and bowel movements, but there's other ways too. We can eliminate stale air through the breath. We can also eliminate through the nose, the mouth, the ears, the eyes, and through our skin.

Here's some simple ways to help remove toxins through other portals of the body. These techniques really support you during a food detox. They will help with eliminating toxins. If it's overwhelming to do them all, just pick what you can do. Anything you do to help your body is a good thing.

These techniques are great to do on a regular basis as well, even after you are done with your detox.

They can be incorporated into your regular self-care routine. Keep in mind, these are general recommendations. To understand this on a more personal level, it helps to know your Dosha and Doshic imbalances.

Internal and External stimulation of the skin ~ The skin is the largest eliminative organ, so it's really important to cleanse through the skin as much as possible.

Internal Stimulation ~ Hot baths using Epsom salts, mineral baths, saunas, and steam. Basically heating the body from the inside out. The whole point is to sweat.

External Stimulation ~ stimulate the surface of the skin by brushing, scrubbing, sun exposure, by the ocean, letting your skin breathe, or by getting a massage.

Exfoliate ~ Dry Brushing ~ Dry brushing is typically done to remove dead skin cells and stimulate circulation before your shower or bath. It should be done when skin is clean without lotion or oil. In Ayurveda this is called Garshana. Stand in the shower and using a brush or a dry brush glove, massage the skin to stimulate lymph. Always brush towards the heart. Use circular strokes around the joints. Brush from the feet upward to the torso and up to the neck. Then massage from the hands to the shoulders. Massage the stomach and buttocks in circular motions going clockwise.

Another way to release toxins through the skin is hot towel scrubbing. Simply take a wet/hot towel and follow the same technique. Both are great ways to increase circulation and move lymph.

Abyanga ~ This is an ayurvedic self massage using oil. Traditionally, sesame oil is used for this practice, but it can be too strong for some people. To play it safe use coconut oil or sunflower oil. If you aren't sure which oil is best for you, please ask! The oil should not be cold when putting in on your body. Take your time while doing this practice. It's a deep act of self-care and shouldn't be rushed. Spend 10-15 mintues doing this. Use the same technique as Dry Brushing. Keep the oil on your body for about 20 minutes. Then shower to wash the oil off your body. There's endless benefits to doing Abyanga as a self-care practice. It balances the doshas, helps increase circulation and release toxins, it calms the nervous system, and gives strength to the tissues.

Tongue cleaners/scrapers ~ This helps remove bacteria in the mouth. It helps prevent bad breath and fights cavities, it removes toxins on the tongue, helps remove mucus buildup, and it also helps sensitize your taste buds which helps with cravings. Do this morning and night, 5-7 scrapes.

Breathing Techniques ~ The flow of breath is forever revitalizing our bodies. It continually brings in new oxygen and gets carbon dioxide out. A focused breath practice will increase this process. There are many breathing techniques but it's hard to go into detail in this post. In my Yoga Teacher trainings and specific workshops we cover various breathing techniques in great detail. However anyone can pause for a few minutes and breathe. Just a few minutes of focused breathing every day, will greatly impact your health for the better. Belly breathing is simple and super effective. This can be done sitting or laying down on your back. Place your hands on your abdomen, with middle fingers touching. Inhale, expand the belly outward, separating the fingers. Inhale, belly in, with fingertips touching again. Do this for 3-5 minutes. It will clean out the stale air from the lungs and help revitalize your body and your mind.

Nasya Oil ~ This is an ayurvedic nose oil that's used to help remove mucus from the nasal passages. Honestly, you can use ghee as well. This is done laying down. Using an eye dropper, a few drops of the oil are dropped into each nostril. Drop into one nostril, then plug with your finger and inhale, then do the other side. This removes toxins in the nose area, and it lubricates dry nasal passages. It helps support clear breathing. The nose is considered the pathway to consciousness, so we want to keep this area clean and lubricated.

These are just a few techniques that will help maintain your health and vitality!


Next...emotional and mental detoxing!

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