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MAKING SPACE ~ Spring Cleaning

Happy Spring! Finally it's here! The change of each season, offers the opportunity for reflection and personal change. Spring is a big one because we are blossoming, just like nature is. It's a time to shed layers, clean out old things, and make space for whatever our hearts desire.

Making space ~ nothing moves, or transpires without space. This applies to every single thing. So many of us keep adding to our plate, but we never evaluate to see what we can take off our plate. Why do we have to have such a big plate? Is it all necessary? Spring cleaning starts by asking yourself these questions.

What is it that you really want? What is your deepest desire? How will you get there if there's no space for it to happen? We are all already overwhelmed, and we all have good intentions. When, we add a big goal or desire to our full plate, it's a recipe for burnout, fatigue, and disappointment. This is true for everything, weight loss, reducing anxiety, a project you've been wanting to tackle, a career change...etc. The first step always is making space.

Why do we think we can do it all? Why do we want to do it all? More Spring cleaning questions to ask yourself....and more importantly, why do we want to we want to be held captive by our "to do" list? Where's the joy in that? If joy is what you are deeply looking for, space is the first step.

Anytime there's a feeling of overwhelmingness. STOP and do nothing. Adding will only create more anxiety and feelings of defeat. We need space and time to get a clear picture of what it really important to keep, and what is just clutter...mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

Written By:

Lina Leelah

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