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So, let's go beyond the obvious reasons why movement is beneficial!

Before your brain says, "I've heard this all before," keep reading!

Some of the obvious benefits are increased energy, improved balance, improved coordination, improved proprioception, increased confidence, feeling stronger, increased self awareness, slows down the aging process, and I can go on and on.

Some of the bigger benefits are increases in self-love, improved communication skills, improved sleeping patterns, feelings of deep inner peace, feelings of deep happiness, feelings of deep mental clarity, feeling less restless, less anxiety, and a deeper appreciation for life.

These are life changing benefits!! This is why we can't mindlessly move. It doesn't get these deep results. When we move, we move on all levels, not just physical. We move our stuck bodies and brains. When we move with purpose, intention, and awareness we are providing nutrients to all of our energy systems.

Mindful movements are medicine for our health and wellbeing!


• Most people feel exercise is a chore that we “have to do.” Studies have proven that movement dramatically improves our mental and physical health. Movement helps manage anxiety, helps with depression, helps move stuck thoughts, helps move through fear, helps us feel more connected to our bodies, and helps us understand who we really are.

• We need to practice movements that we do in everyday life. These are functional type movements, like dancing, yoga, and pickleball. It’s a gift to be able to move! It should be fun!

• Walking has huge benefits. It helps us connect with our body on many levels. Walking in nature is even better! Connecting with nature is a reboot for our nervous system and cortisol levels!

• There are many ways to incorporate exercise into your life. Walk to a store on a nice day, find a physical hobby, like gardening, and invite others to get involved. Make it social! Schedule activities as part of your daily routine so they become a fun habit, not a job. A little movement will go a long way. Consistency is key!

• Stretching and balance – Simply put – Use it or loose it. Simple stretches and balance practices can be life changing. Seriously life changing!

• Proper Breathing – if you do nothing else, have a daily breathing practice. Again, it’s a game changer once you understand the difference between diaphragmatic breathing vs. chest breathing. Breathing from the belly will feel more relaxing and will help with anxiety.

• Take preventative measures – always warm up before jumping into an activity and listen to your body. You aren’t going to knock it out of the park every single day. Some days you have more stamina than other days. That’s normal. Honor that! Every day is a new day!

• Take care of your joints. It takes practice to learn how to activate muscles & not overuse joints.

• Try meditation. Meditation can happen in many ways. Gardening, walking, and cooking are a few examples. When you direct all your energy and focus in one place, it will turn into a form of meditation.

• Everything is a balance. Too much or too little of anything can cause a disturbance in the body. Find something that brings you joy and that helps you tap into your true self!

To learn more about how to incorporate movement into your life, safely, effectively, and joyfully

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