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So, we've talked about mindful eating before. Lot's of people ask me about how to manage their food intake. Food is a hot topic! First of all it's a primal function for survival, and it's one of life's many pleasures. The enjoyment of cooking and tasting food is very nourishing for our mind and bodies. We connect through food. We socialize through food. Food is LOVE in so many ways.

So, how do we create a relationship with FOOD AS LOVE?

We have to start thinking of everything as LOVE. If something isn't LOVE, do we want to let it in? A simple example is old food. Ayurveda says that old food is dead food. This means, it has lost its nutrients, and can potentially even be harmful to eat. We eat it anyway. What is this doing to our health?

Here's the thing...EVERYTHING that we take in is food! The air we breathe is food, the people we interact with are food, how we sleep is food. "Food" is nourishment for the soul and for our well being. So, when we talk about having a relationship with food, we have to look beyond the, "calories in, calories out" concept. Yes, this concept works for some things but not everything. Look at all the "FOOD" you take into your body, and don't forget about your mind and heart. Everything is connected and everything plays a part!

How do we view FOOD? Most of us don't put much thought into it, well at least when we are busy. We feel hungry and we put something in us to stop that feeling, and we keep going. Then, when we have downtime, we over-indulge in food without even thinking about it. We are having a social experience and we want to enjoy. We should absolutely enjoy, but where's the balance in the relationship?

I'm Just putting out FOOD FOR THOUGHT. LOL...see how food is everything!

Speaking of thought, what food do you feed your mind? MORE FOOD FOR THOUGHT! LOL!!

This plays a huge part on how we digest food in our tummies! Contrary to popular belief, our brains were not meant to multi-task. So, when we are multi-tasking while eating, we can't be fully be with the experience of eating. This changes the chemicals secreted in the body and it deeply affects digestion. Proper digestion is absolutely key to maintaining health!



~ Start paying attention to your relationship with food and eating. Observe everything about this relationship, and pay attention to how it plays a role in all the other areas of your life.

~ Try eating 1 meal per day in silence. When we talk during eating is disturbs digestion because talking moves air and energy upward, and in order to properly digest we need air and energy to move downward.

~ Eat slow enough so that you can observe the entire process carefully and notice how you feel.

~ Shut your phone off or put it on DND while you are eating. It’s very important for digestion to be present with your food and the entire process of eating.

~ Observe your food. Observe the colors, textures, and smells. Think about where your food came from? How was it grown? How was it made? Is it synthetic? Did it come from a factory? Did it come from a box or the freezer? Can you see all the efforts involved in bringing you this food? Can you see how it was connected to nature? Can you see the elements in your fruits, veggies, and gains, like the sunlight, the soil, and the rain?

~ Ask yourself, and ask your body if it really wants this food before you eat it. Ask yourself, how much of it does my body want? Listen to your body when you are eating. Can you feel when you are satisfied? Does your mind say, “keep eating?” What comes up for you?

~ Observe how your body feels right after you are done eating, and hours after you are done eating. Do you feel tired or energetic? Do you feel light or heavy? Do you feel bloated or have gas? Did you get the runs or cramps after eating? Can you tell how your body digested the food? Can you relate these symptoms to particular foods or combinations of foods? Can you tell which foods are good for your body and which foods may cause disturbance?

~ Be aware of your food cravings. Ask yourself where they come from. What do you really want? Is it really about food? Are you going to be satisfied if you have it, or will it trigger another craving? Can you just eat a little of it? Do you think you are addicted to it? Can you try not to give into the craving? Observe the craving and let it pass. Can you fill the craving with something else, that may be a better choice for you?

~ When grocery shopping, try reading the food labels before you buy anything. What’s in them? What are the first ingredients listed? Are they high in salt or sugar?

~ Are you preparing your food mindfully? Be totally present when cutting, chopping or peeling your food. Be aware of your breath, and your body posture. Put your LOVE into this process.

To learn more about how to deepen your relationship with food, let's connect ~

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