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Good Wolf ~ Bad Wolf

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

I heard a version of this story many years ago. I was inspired to put it in my own words so that it's short, and easy to understand. This morning I read it to a virtual teen class, hoping to plant some seeds about where we choose to put our energy...

Here's the short story ~

An elderly man was trying to describe his inner struggles to a close friend. He tried to describe his feelings but he was having a hard time putting his thoughts into words.

After much thought and reflection, he said, "Inside each of us are two wolves. There's a Good Wolf and there is a Bad Wolf. The Good Wolf is open hearted, kind and loving. He sees the world as a beautiful place. The Bad Wold is mean, sad, and angry. He sees the world as a negative place."

"The Bad Wolf fights the Good Wold all day long."

The men sat in silence for a few minutes. Then his friend asks, "Well, which Wolf wins?"

The elderly man reflected again and then replied, "Whichever Wolf we feed the most."

Think about which wolf you feed each day....

Written by:

Lina Leelah

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