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Self Care is not a luxury ~ It's a necessity

Over the course of my studies, I started to realize how much health and fitness information is out there. I thought how confusing all of this information must be to anyone trying to adapt a healthy, balanced lifestyle. There’s so much conflicting information which can be overwhelming and even discouraging. I believe that we all have good intentions of taking care of ourselves, but it’s easy to get distracted. It’s also possible to feel like your physical limitations leave you no choice but to accept your current health situation.

My heart has guided me to put together a profile of eastern and western approaches to our modern health concerns. Stress seems to be the most significant issue. This is my personal yin and yang coming together to offer you the most sensible approach that fits your body, mind and spirit. The principles of yoga make so much sense when taking care of yourself. It has become the core of my existence. However, my love for exercise always inspires me to keep moving and feel energized. Keeping a balance between the two dynamics has challenged me quite a bit over the years. I have learned from my own over-trained body injuries, to the calm strength I get from yoga, how to manage them so they are both effective and not-counter productive. I believe there is something for everyone out there, even for those with physical limitations.

Remember, when given half a chance, your body will heal itself, and when you surrender, your mind will follow.

There’s never been a better time to pay attention to your personal health.